What’s depleting your iodine levels?

You can actually die as a result of not having adequate iodine. For most people, the cause of iodine deficiency has to do with poor diet. Poor diet means not getting adequate foods that contain iodine. Depleted soils are also another issue. Geographically speaking, river valleys generally tend to have a higher iodine concentration in the soil. So crops that are grown in those areas would tend take up that iodine and potentially have it show up on your dinner plate. Unfortunately most farming today is done in soils that don’t get replenishment. Halides don’t necessarily cause iodine deficiency, but halides compete with iodine for uptake into the thyroid glands. To connect with Dr. Osborne visit: On the web: https://drpeterosborne.com/


Category: Iodine, Minerals
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