What Causes High Blood Pressure?

What Causes High Blood Pressure? How Can You Lower It Naturally?

What Causes High Blood Pressure? How Can You Lower It Naturally? These are fundamental questions that you should ask your doctor.

Most causes for high blood pressure are diet, nutrition, and lifestyle related.

What is the Function of Blood?
Super Highway
Deliver oxygen
Deliver Nutrients
Immune Cells
Regulate waste and pH

Causes of High Blood Pressure:
Overweight or obese
Sedentary lifestyle
Lack of Exercise
Lack of Sun Exposure
Poor Muscle Mass
Alcohol Consumption
Excessive Caffeine
Processed Food Diets
Carb Toxicity
Chronic Allergies (both food and environmental)
High Stress
Poor Sleep (including sleep apnea)
Shift Work
Kidney Disease
Thyroid Disease
Adrenal Disease (Elevated cortisol, adrenaline, & aldosterone)

Nutritional Causes of High Blood Pressure

Magnesium Deficiency
Vitamin B1 Deficiency
Vitamin B6 deficiency
Calcium Deficiency
Potassium Deficiency
Iron Deficiency
CoQ10 Deficiency
Vitamin D Deficiency
Antioxidant nutrient deficiencies
Protein deficiency
Arginine Deficiency

Mechanisms of High Blood Pressure

Low oxygen to the brain
Sympathetic over stimulation


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