Want Beautiful Skin?

Want Beautiful Skin? I have some thoughts with Alicia Archer

Alicia wanted me to share my thoughts on the best ways to create the beautiful skin you’ve always wanted.

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In the podcast, Alicia Archer (aka. Kinky Sweat) shares her expertise in fitness, body movement, hair, and beauty on YouTube and Instagram. On her social media accounts, she focuses on inspiring her followers to achieve self-empowerment and self-worth.

In this discussion, Dr. Tony and Alicia discuss time management, the importance of prioritizing sleep, exercise, and nutrition, perspectives on wearing makeup and having natural hair, how keeping up one’s self-esteem and perspective on their own beauty may effect their health, intermittent fasting, the art of contortion and the strength and flexibility required to practice it, the benefits of stretching, how to know when you are pushing hard enough but not too hard when stretching, and why it is import to prioritize muscle-building exercise.


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