The Benefits of Manganese

Today, I want to talk to you about manganese. Manganese is very different from magnesium. We’re going to talk about what manganese is and what might happen if you have a manganese deficiency. What is manganese? – A trace mineral and a coenzyme. 

If you are deficient in manganese, you may have a problem with bone and connective tissue which equal joints. Let’s say your mother was deficient in manganese when she was carrying you. You could end up with manganese deficiency symptoms like:

• Problems with connective tissue (issues like flat feet) • Skeletal Deformations • Muscle Spasms • Inflammation (manganese is a part of a defense mechanism to protect you against free radicals) • Build up of ammonia

Foods high in manganese?

• Pecans • Clove  • Grains – phytates (phytates inhibit manganese, also grains are not keto-friendly) • Tea – tannins (tannins block manganese) • Spinach – oxalates (oxalates bind with manganese) • Pumpkin seeds • Kale • Squash • Sea kelp

Don’t consume large amounts of trace minerals like manganese for a long period of time. Only take trace minerals in small amounts in a blend of other trace minerals for a short period of time. 0120

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