The Amazing Benefits of Berberine

The Amazing Benefits of Berberine

Today we’re going to talk about berberine. Berberine is incredible, and it has been thoroughly studied. Berberine is a phytonutrient in certain plants.

Berberine has a lot of potential health benefits, especially for the cardiovascular system.

Potential benefits of berberine for the cardiovascular system:

• It’s a powerful natural antiarrhythmic compound • It could decrease blood pressure • It could increase the performance of the heart muscle • It could decrease the risk of a heart attack • It can protect against ischemia in the heart muscle • It can alter the potassium channels • It’s an anticoagulant

Other potential benefits of berberine:

• It can decrease infectious diarrhea • It can act as an antibiotic • It’s an immune stimulant • It’s anti-tumor • It has anti-diabetic properties (decreases blood sugar and helps with insulin resistance) • It can decrease the effects of caffeine • It can act as an anti-inflammatory • It can act as an antiviral


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