Strep Throat – The Fastest Way to Relieve Pain 


Timestamps 0:04 What you need to know about strep throat 0:28 What you can try for a sore throat 2:30 Acupressure technique demonstration In this video, we’re going to talk about strep throat and natural alternatives you can do. Most of the time, strep throat is viral, which means antibiotics are not going to work. 20% of the time the strep throat is bacterial. The most likely cause of this condition is a vitamin D deficiency that makes you susceptible to both bacterial and viral infections.  During months where you’re in the sun less (from Dec. – Apr.) start taking vitamin D on a regular basis. Natural sore throat remedies: • Vitamin D  • Vitamin C in a higher dose (non-GMO) • Apple cider vinegar (dilute it with water) • Fasting (autophagy) • Acupressure technique This powerful acupressure technique that I’m going to show you in this video will help decrease the intensity of the pain in your throat. You can have someone else do this technique on you, or you can use the massage device I created. You can use this device without having to rely on anyone for help.


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