Stage 4 cancer survivor

Guy’s Success Story | How He Regained His Health After Years of Obesity, Diabetes and Stage 4 Cancer

Guy Tenenbaum YouTube Channel:

0:00 Stage 4 cancer success story
0:34 Introducing Guy Tenenbaum
4:15 Search for help and second opinions
7:00 Disagreeing with the prognosis
9:45 Guy’s new strategy for beating cancer
11:22 Key takeaways
17:56 Final thoughts

In this video, I have an amazing success story to share with you. Guy Tenenbaum had stage 4 cancer. He is now cancer-free!

For many years, Guy dealt with numerous health problems, including:
• Type II diabetes
• Hypertension
• High cholesterol
• Joint and bone pain
• Chronic inflammation
• Weight problems

After repeatedly insisting on a PSA (a protein that can be produced cancerous tissue in the prostate) test, doctors discovered that Guy had serious cancer.

They told them that there was nothing they could do for him and that he only had a few months to live.

Guy then searched out other options and opinions. Other doctors told him the same story. But he did not give up hope—he did not accept what doctors told him was his fate.

Guy then decided to take his health into his own hands. He began to study everything he could on cancer.

Then, he discovered the realm of natural medicine and fasting. He fasted for 45 days. During his fast he consumed natural cancer-killing nutrients.

There are two key takeaways:

  1. Prolonged fasting helps induce autophagy
  2. Low or no-calorie nutrients and herbs are vital along the way to increase the cancer-killing power of fasting

Guy consumed:
• Green tea
• Ginger
• Turmeric
• Pepper
• Salt
• Protein supplements
• Vegetables
• Garlic (whole and supplements)

Today, Guy is healthy and cancer-free!


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