My Vitamin D Story – Symptoms and Recovery

My Vitamin D Story – Symptoms and Recovery For years I struggled with back pain and neck pain, the kind that makes you an irritable bitch. I also had trouble getting my period and often experienced PMS symptoms along with my period, which I usually only got while I was on birth control. Since I had amenorrhea (lack of a menstrual period) my doctor diagnosed me with PCOS, with no other contributing evidence. If I wasn’t on birth control I’d go months without a period. I also had really dry eyes. This all made me super irritable because I was constantly uncomfortable. It wasn’t until I finally saw a naturopathic doctor who suggested I have my vitamin d levels checked, among other things. I found out that I had an extreme deficiency in vitamin D. I started taking a supplement and literally felt a difference immediately. I had more energy, a better mood and honestly felt like I could see better. Over the course of about 6 months, my back pain dissipated some and I got a few periods. Acupuncture helped a lot also during my recovery. In this video I talk about all these symptoms and how I began supplementing with 10,000 iu per day of vitamin d3. Hope it helps! Thanks for watching! Disclaimer: This video is solely based on my experience and is meant only to share that information. It is not meant to provide or replace any medical advice given by your doctor. This video should not be used as a replacement for advice from a medical profession

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