Low magnesium

Low magnesium (Hypomagnesemia) | Causes, Symptoms, Treatment | & Role of Magnesium, Dietary Sources

Lesson on low magnesium (hypomagnesemia), purpose of magnesium, dietary sources of magnesium, causes of low magnesium, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Magnesium is an important element acquired from our diet that is required for many enzymatic processes including DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis. There are many dietary sources of magnesium including almonds, broccoli, and bananas. There are several categories of causes of low magnesium including decreased intake, increased losses, among others, and can also be caused by certain medications. In this lesson, we discuss multiple causes within each of these categories and discuss many different types of medications that can lead to low magnesium levels. We also discuss some of the signs and symptoms of having low magnesium, coexisting electrolyte disturbances, and ECG abnormalities caused by low magnesium. We also discussed how we can treat both mild and severe hypomagnesemia.

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