Intimidated And Censored

What Really Happened To Barbara O’Neill?

Over the last few years Barbara O’Neill has been on the receiving end of many media attacks. How did this all begin and how did it lead to her being banned from treating people? Barbara addresses the accusations made against her and what the future holds for her and the Misty Mountain Health Retreat.

0:00 Introduction 1:32 What Barbara O’Neill does now 4:53 The backstory of Barbara O’Neill’s story starting in 2011 10:01 Barbara’s husband Michael starts political party in Australia 13:20 Undue complaint against Barbara O’Neill 17:22 Barbara’s reaction to 50,000 signatures on her petition 18:48 Receiving backlash for what has been done for thousands of years 23:06 Unfair tribunal incident 26:00 The controversy of Barbara’s use of sodium bicarbonate wraps 30:13 Barbara’s thoughts on being banned for life 34:20 Addressing the article written about Barbara O’Neill by The Guardian 38:19 Barbara’s husband’s inspiration to write book to vindicate her name 40:42 Contents of The Guardian article 44:51 Barbara’s decision to leave Australia; her thoughts on today’s change in health message 50:53 The importance of choice 55:45 How to support the podcast


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