How VITAMIN B2 can help?


Time stamps for this video:
00:38 What is Vitamin B2?
00:58 Vitamin B2 Benefits
02:30 Migraine headaches
03:24 Cancer prevention
04:26 Cardiovascular diseases
05:11 Vitamin B2 Foods
05:56 Recommended Amounts
06:38 Normal range of Vitamin B2
08:02 Vitamin B2 Deficiency
09:49 Vitamin B2 Toxicity
10:29 Vitamin B2 Supplements
11:14 Interactions with Medications
11:26 Vitamin B2. Interesting facts

This video may contain general information relating to various medical conditions, its diagnostics, treatment and prevention. Such information cannot and does not intend to replace professional medical advice. You should not rely on information received from this video for medical, legal, financial or any other decisions. Always consult with your healthcare provider or appropriate professional for specific advice related to your health, symptoms, questions or situations.
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