Dr. Ruby Lathon healed thyroid cancer

Dr. Ruby Lathon healed thyroid cancer with a plant-based diet

I’m very excited to share my first holistic survivor interview of 2022!

Dr. Ruby Lathon is an engineer turned holistic nutritionist, after healing herself of thyroid cancer by drastically changing her lifestyle through a plant-based diet. Dr. Lathon was featured in the hit documentary, What the Health and is in the newly released documentary, They’re Trying to Kill Us.

Dr. Lathon now teaches others about the benefits of plant-based nutrition through health conferences, workshops, vegan cooking classes, consultations and coaching programs. Dr. Lathon served as Nutrition Policy Manager at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, where she developed and led a national grassroots campaign to advocate legislation for more healthful, plant-based meal options in the National School Lunch Program. She is also the host of “The Veggie Chest”, a plant-based cooking show on Washington’s DCTV.

This interview is fantastic. You are going to love Dr Ruby’s energy, passion, enthusiasm and her remarkable healing story.

Note: There was some kind of mysterious glitch that affected my audio quality on this interview–I sound like I’m in a tin can–but fortunately Dr. Ruby sounds great!


Show Notes

-On a mission to heal [2:12]

-Cancer-free after 1 year [3:50]

-Deciding to go against the grain [5:43]

-“I fired my doctor.” [8:40]

-‘No progress’ is actually good news [12:31]

-Let the facts lead the way [13:05]

-Piecing her research together [16:10]

-Her experience at Uchee Pines Institute [18:15]

-Trust the process [20:45]

-Trust your gut [25:25]

-The medical system is broken [26:25]

-A newfound passion for helping others heal [28:45]

-Dr. Ruby’s role at PCRM [31:21]

-Dr. Ruby’s anti-cancer protocol [33:05]

-Her plant-based Budwig protocol [34:35]

-Top three anti-cancer supplement categories [37:44]

-Trusting God’s plan for your life [39:57]

-Faith over fear [42:15]

-Plan your wellness party [42:30]

-Focus on hope and joy [45:00]

-Dr. Ruby’s latest endeavors [47:28]

Connect with Dr. Ruby:

Website: www.rubylathon.com

Facebook: Dr. Ruby Lathon

Twitter: @RubyL

Instagram: @RubyLathon

YouTube: The Veggie Chest

Books referenced in the interview:

Love, Medicine and Miracles by Dr. Bernie Siegel

Spontaneous Healing by Dr. Andrew Weil

Supplements mentioned in the interview:

Modifilan (brown seaweed)

Vitalzym by World Nutrition

IP-6 Inositol Gold



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