Dr. Berg’s Opinion on the Coronavirus

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Timestamps  0:10 What is the coronavirus? 0:34 What you need to know  0:52 What does the coronavirus do? 1:48 Glucose and the coronavirus  2:17 Ketones and the coronavirus  2:28 Autophagy and the coronavirus  3:00 The news and the coronavirus  3:15 An epidemic or pandemic  3:54 The bubonic plague  5:52 The Spanish flu 7:17 Influenza 8:15 Causes of death on a monthly basis 10:08 What can you do? Today we’re going to talk about the coronavirus.

Today we’re going to talk about the coronavirus. What is the coronavirus? This virus that has been all over the news is a mutated virus—2019 nCoV. This virus originated from Wuhan, potentially from seafood. But there isn’t a lot that’s really known about this virus yet.  There are actually many different types of coronavirus, and in general, coronaviruses are very common. But, this coronavirus is a mutated virus. The common thread with the different types of coronavirus is that they attack the lungs.  A virus is not necessarily a living thing. It can’t reproduce without highjacking your own cells.  The flu virus infection depends on cellular glucose. Research shows that when you increase glucose, you may increase the flu infection rate. I’m not saying the coronavirus lives on glucose, but it might. There are quite a few viruses that thrive in a glucose fueled environment. Fat fuel is the opposite of glucose fuel, and ketones are very beneficial to support the immune system. When you combine ketones with intermittent fasting, you can get into autophagy. One of the purposes of autophagy is to clean up microbes, bacteria, viruses, and parasites from your body. Prolonged fasting may help increase stem cells and basically grow a new immune system as well as strengthen your immune system.  The news has been putting out that the coronavirus is a serious threat that could potentially turn into a pandemic event.  • An epidemic would be some sudden spike in a virus throughout the country. • A pandemic would be some sudden spike in a virus throughout the world. The news makes it seem like the coronavirus just floats around and kills people, but that’s not how it works. With viruses, there is a predisposing susceptibility factor for the virus to set in and take over. It may largely have to do with a person’s vitamin D levels, their stress level, and the strength of their immune system.  What can you do? • Keep your immune system strong by taking vitamin D and zinc.  • If you’re in an area that’s vulnerable to viruses, wear a mask and wash your hands. • Get on healthy keto and intermittent fasting. • Limit the amount of news you watch that stresses you out. 0068

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