Do You Have a Copper Deficiency?

In this video, Dr. Berg talks about copper deficiency. One of the functions of copper in the body is to help transform collagen in connective tissue. When you’re deficient, you could lose the elasticity of the connective tissue that could cause the symptom called sway back, problems with ligaments and flat feet. Copper is a trace mineral which means you only need it in small amounts and also a cofactor in certain enzymes.

Functions of Copper: • Formation of Collagen • Co-factor to certain enzymes • Makes neurotransmitters – communication particles that travel through the nervous system. • Growth of fetus • Forms Tyrosinase (enzyme present in mushroom) – Taken to help vitiligo.

Symptoms of Copper Deficiency: • Neurodegeneration • Sway Back • Anemia • Similar symptoms to low B12 • Low White Blood Cell • Muscle Weakness • Peripheral Neurophathy – Destruction of the nerve in the feet or hands • Loss of Vision

Foods High in Copper: • Oyster • Organ Meats – Grass-Fed Liver • Meats • Leafy Greens • Mushrooms 0122

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