Coronavirus vs Flu (Influenza)

Coronavirus vs. flu—what are the similarities and differences? 

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Today we’re going to talk about the coronavirus vs. flu differences and similarities. 

Flu vs. coronavirus symptoms:

Influenza symptoms:

• Aches  • Fatigue • Chills  • Headaches

Coronavirus symptoms: • Shortness of breath  • Difficulty breathing

The flu and the coronavirus share some symptoms, such as: • Fever • Dry cough • Respiratory symptoms 

Both the flu and the coronavirus can be transmitted the same way. A few ways they can be transmitted are: • Sneezing  • Coughing  • Contact 

Coronavirus vs. flu onset: • The flu comes on very quickly, often between one and two days. • The coronavirus symptoms come on more gradually between three to seven days. 

Coronavirus vs. flu death rates: Flu deaths: • Typically occur from secondary bacterial pneumonia and heart attacks.

Coronavirus deaths: • Typically occur from ARDS 

Coronavirus vs. flu—Whose at risk? • The flu virus targets the elderly, people with a weak immune system, people with a chronic health problem, children, and pregnant women.  • The coronavirus targets the elderly and people with pre-existing health problems. 

Coronavirus vs. flu recent CDC estimates (October 2019-March 7th 2020):

Influenza in the USA alone: • 51 million infections • 24 million medical visits • 670,000 hospitalizations • 55,000 deaths • Worldwide – 250,000-500,000 deaths

Coronavirus (worldwide): • 200,000 cases  • 8,246 deaths • 82,000 recoveries  • 107,000 mild cases  • 6,000 critical cases 

At this time, I would do whatever I can to strengthen my immune system. I would create more health in my body and take the right nutrients. 


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