Benefits of Melatonin

Dr. Russel Reiter on the Miraculous Benefits of Melatonin

Russel Reiter Ph.D. is a professor of Cell Biology and holds four honorary M.D. degrees and one honorary Doctor of Sciences degree. He has dedicated his life to melatonin research and his papers have been cited more than 173,000 times in medical and scientific literature. He is the co-editor of Melatonin Research and is the founder and past editor of The Journal of Pineal Research.

Dr. Reiter and I discuss what melatonin does in the body, how to optimize production, supplementation strategies, how it works against cancer and covid, and this surprising little-known fact… Melatonin is produced in your body during the day by infrared light from the sun!

I know you will enjoy our deep dive on the miraculous molecule melatonin.

Note: Zoom had a major glitch with a recent software update, which affected several of my recent interviews before my team caught it. As a result, my side is audio-only.


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