Barbara O’Neill Q&A

Barbara O’Neill Answers Top Health Questions

In this episode of Truth Matters, we speak with naturopath, Barbara O’Neill . For forty years, Barbara has been speaking to international audiences about health and teaching people about the body’s ability to heal itself if given the right conditions.

Barbara explains the components of the Genesis diet, the best diet plan for humans. She discusses the spiritual component of wellness, and debunks misconceptions about aging, the use of cayenne pepper, and soy. She also shares information about time-tested resources to have on hand for practical information on health and natural remedies. What are the factors involved in chronic fatigue syndrome and what can you do about it? Want to know how to increase blood oxygen level to increase your energy? What practical steps can you take today to improve your health right now? Find out in this episode of Truth Matters.

0:00:00 Introduction/Biography 

01:13 How can we determine good information from bad?

03:46 How can we listen to our bodies better?

06:32 The Diet of the Bible

09:56 Can veganism be dangerous?

12:00 Ancel Benjamin Keys, Malcolm Kendrick, & The Misconception of Fatphobia

13:43 Differences between plant-based diet and vegan diet

15:00 How to prepare good-tasting vegetarian food

18:13 Faith and diet work together

21:05 Mind Cure – Conquering Alzheimer’s and potential brain damages

23:18 Barbara O’Neil’s Recommended Books on Health

25:25 Herbs helped Barbara’s kids fight off the common cold

27:50 Jethro Kloss’s Back to Eden should be in every home

33:31 The Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

34:53 Common Misconception on Cayenne Pepper

42:05 Is soy good or bad for the body? (GMO, estrogen, phytic acid)

44:11 Soy & Estrogen Dominance

45:32 Barbara’s lecture on the prevalence of hormonal imbalances  

53:14 The 8 Laws of Health: Practical steps for enhancing your health

01:00:05 God gave us everything we need for our bodies

01:01:44 What to expect in our next episode with Barbara O’Neil


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