COVID19 patient treated with experimental Vitamin C

COVID19 patient treated with experimental Vitamin C

Austin Health Intensive Care Research Director Professor Rinaldo Bellomo has spoken to Sky News about a decision to treat a COVID-19 patient with a “megadose” of Vitamin C, which saw significant and promising results.

“There were a variety of interventions being applied and we felt, given we already had preliminary information from experimental studies we had done, that it was appropriate to consider giving him megadose Vitamin C,” he said.

“We had a discussion with all the treating teams. We decided this was the right thing to do and we saw a response that was very similar to what we had seen in all the experimental studies.

“The blood pressure picked up, the noradrenaline dose went down by about 80 per cent, the temperature which was very high, dropped by a couple of degrees, the urinary output went from about 10-15 to 300-400 ml an hour, the kidney function improved.”

Professor Bellomo said the treatment – originally designed to treat sepsis – constituted the intravenous administration of a concentrated dose of Vitamin C – the equivalent of 4,000-5,000 oranges.

“The gentleman – over a period of time – continued to improve and was able to survive and was discharged home.” Skynews


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