What Happens If You Use a SAUNA for 14 Days

Are saunas safe? Find out what would happen if you used a sauna for 14 days!

0:00 Introduction: Is the sauna good for you? 0:22 What do saunas do? 0:52 Sauna benefits 5:58 Learn more about sodium and potassium!

The benefits of sauna therapy: 1. It can help lower your resting heart rate 2. It can stimulate lymphatic flow 3. It can help lower blood pressure 4. It can decrease the risk and intensity of an asthmatic event 5. It increases circulation 6. It can strengthen the immune system 7. It can help decrease all-cause mortality 8. It can decrease pain 9. It can decrease inflammation 10. It may help improve psoriasis 11. It promotes recovery 12. It supports cognitive function 13. It increases insulin sensitivity 14. It decreases ROS (it has an antioxidant effect) 15. It has similar benefits to moderate aerobic exercise 16. It promotes better skin quality 17. It increases autophagy *It increases melatonin (when using a sauna with infrared light)


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