Toxic Poop in Our Colons?

Do We REALLY Have 5 to 20 lbs of Toxic Poop in Our Colons?


0:00 Introduction: Do we have 20 pounds of toxic poop in our colons?

1:35 How much toxic poop is in our colons? 

3:05 Is all stool toxic? 

4:05 How our microbes affect our digestion and stool

8:42 What to do for constipation 

9:25 Key takeaways

10:50 Check out my video on how to use foods to detoxify your liver! 

Have you heard the idea that we have 20 pounds of toxic poop in our colons? Today we’re going to talk about if there’s any truth to it. 

I don’t think the average person or even a person with constipation has 10 or 20 pounds of toxic waste in their colon. It’s not impossible for someone to have this much waste in their colon, but it’s rare. 

Waste is not always toxic. Many people think they need to flush out waste to be clean and healthy. But, when people do these cleanses, they also flush out friendly bacteria that they need to help with digestion and many other things. 

Different factors can affect the material going through your system. If someone is constipated, they need to consider probiotics and fiber. But, you need to get your fiber from vegetables and your probiotics from foods or a high-quality probiotic supplement. 

Herbal laxatives can also be beneficial, but keep in mind that the root cause of your constipation relates to something wrong with your diet. Ultimately, fixing your diet is the best thing you can do to help with digestive problems. 

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