The cancer creating field

The cancer creating field – and what to do to change it

For more information about the treatments at Arcadia Praxis Klinik, visit: Dr. Henning Saupe M.D. is the leading physician at Arcadia Praxisklinik in Germany. With over 25 years of clinical experience and practicing complementary oncology with thousands of cancer patients he put together a map of cancer risk factors. Together these 12 factors act in concert and form a “cancer-field” with 12 components. The reversal of this cancer creating field into a healthy bio-field is the center of his treatment approach. To empower the bio-field of our body is the most important task to do in order to stay healthy and necessary to prevent cancer. Learn more about Dr. Saupe´s cancer filed theory and how YOU can use it to improve your health. Discalimer. This video provides general information only. It is not a substitute for professional medical care by a qualified doctor or any other healthcare professional. If you are not a health care professional, please always check with your medical doctor if you have any concerns about your condition or your medical treatment. Before taking or refraining from any action on the basis of the information of the content in this video, please always check with a medical doctor. If you are a health care professional the content in this video is intended to support, not replace your own knowledge experience and judgement. No claims or assumptions are made so ever about the effects of the given information on any specific disease or your personal health.


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