Polyphenol – Dr. Steven Gundry

Dark Chocolate. Olive oil. Red wine.

What do these three foods all have in common?

If you guessed polyphenols, then you are absolutely RIGHT.

On this episode, I talk all about these amazing micronutrients, what they can do for your health, why my critics are WRONG about them, and the best (and worst) sources of polyphenols out there.

Dark Chocolate. Olive oil. Red wine.
How polyphenols can help protect YOU from environmental stressors as well
The real reason leaves “change colors” in the fall (you’ll never doubt the power of polyphenols again)
What all great winemakers know about polyphenols – and how to choose grapes with the most protective properties
The real reason I LOVE olive oil (it has nothing to do with the healthy fats) – and my potency trick for testing the quality of your olive oil
The newest cutting-edge info about polyphenols (and why they’re even MORE powerful than we thought)
One polyphenol misconception you MUST ignore – and the amazing benefits these nutrients can have on your gut
Why the COLOR of your food matters – and how the blue zones prove it
Why I always say “more bitter, more better” – and how following this rule can transform your health
How to support your heart health by eating CHOCOLATE (but you must follow THESE rules)
Why you should look for THESE labels on your next bottle of wine – and two of my favorite wine companies

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