Megan Rossi, the Gut Health Doctor

Healthy gut, happy mind: What to eat to boost how you feel
The deep connection between our guts and brains gives us ways to eat ourselves happier – and a few simple changes make all the difference, says dietician Megan Rossi

Megan Rossi is a research fellow at King’s College London and a dietician and founder of the Gut Health Clinic at Harley Street in London. Her background as a clinical dietician and sports nutritionist in Australia helped her realise the depth of the link between what we eat, the bacteria in our gut and how we feel, subjects she now researches at King’s. Her book Eat Yourself Healthy is published on 19 September.

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It made me laugh when you said in your book that “intimate kisses” can transfer bacteria between partners. Are there consequences?

There are millions of bacteria in our saliva, so we’d like to see if these impact our partners’ health in some way. In observational studies, there’s an increased risk of being obese if you have an obese partner. Of course, this may just be down to your shared eating environment, but there’s a theory that you might also be sharing bacteria that are associated with obesity.

How did you become The Gut Health Doctor? It’s not the most glamorous specialism.

I’ve always had a huge passion for food. During my dietetic degree, my grandma passed away of bowel cancer. I had a very negative relationship with the gut, for making her go through all that pain. But when I was working as a clinical dietician, I realised all my patients were complaining of gut problems even though they actually had kidney disease. I couldn’t find any information that linked the kidneys and the gut, so I …

Dietician and nutritionist, Megan Rossi, tells us why we need to check in with our bowels more, and the simple dietary changes that can have a big effect on our mental and physical health. Read more here:


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