Joe Tippens was diagnosed with lung cancer

Joe Tippens of Edmond Oklahoma was initially diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in 2016

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Joe Tippens of Edmond Oklahoma was initially diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in 2016. By January 2017 it was found that the aggressive cancer had spread all over his body including his liver, pancreas, bladder, stomach, neck and bones and he was given just three months to live.

He received some unconventional advice from a veterinarian. According to a report in the SUN, “the vet claimed the scientist who had done the research happened to have stage 4 brain cancer, and the same prognosis Joe had been given. She had started taking the dog pills and within six weeks the scientist’s cancer was gone, claimed the vet.”

This controversial treatment ultimately ridded Joe of cancer and after a final scan in January 2018 and a follow-up appointment in April, his oncologist discharged him as he had no cancer to treat.

Joe said that while his insurance company had spent $1.2 million on traditional medicine, the dog pills cost just $5 a week.

JAMES TEMPLETON: I wrote about the parasite connection to cancer in Chapter 6 (Guess What Came to Dinner?) of my book, I Used to Have Cancer. As world-renowned Columbian parasitologist Dr. Hermann Bueno told me, “I have never seen a case of cancer [or AIDS] in my whole career that didn’t have a parasitic involvement.” He felt it was one of the major underlying causes of disease that too often is overlooked.

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