Holistic Dentistry: The Key to Thriving Health | Nutritional Therapy Association Annual Conference

Dr. Kelly J. Blodgett and Mara Zander present as keynote speakers at the NTA’s 13th annual conference, THRIVE 2020.

SEE MORE of Dr. Blodgett’s holistic approach to dentistry HERE


Optimal health starts in the mouth. Unfortunately, this area of the body has been treated like a “second-rate citizen” in healthcare. Toxic substances such as mercury, fluoride, palladium, bismuth and others have been used in the mouth and the general public told that they are safe. Additionally, common chronic illnesses such as periodontal disease and periapical infection from root canals are considered “normal”. All of these things cause chronic oxidative stress on the body which leads to breakdown of the human system.

Discover how attaining and maintaining optimal oral health is the key to complete health and helping our patients to thrive!


Holistic Dentistry

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