Healing Multiple Myeloma with Natural Therapies

Mona healed her multiple myeloma by using natural therapies and treatments instead of chemo, in this video she talks about how she was able to do it.

How Mona Healed Multiple Myeloma Without Conventional Therapy

In 2002, after numerous infections and health problems, Mona was diagnosed with terminal multiple myeloma.

The doctors told her there was nothing they could do and sent her home to die.

Hopeless and depressed, Mona basically gave up. She locked herself in her apartment, stopped answering the phone, shut everyone out of her life and began wasting away.

But then an old friend, determined to rescue her, showed up and “forced” Mona to take control of her situation and radically change her life. And that’s when Mona’s healing journey began…

15 years later, she is alive and well, with no signs of cancer in her body!

And she did it all natural baby! 🙂

I know you’re going to love Mona’s healing story. Enjoy!


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