Healed stage 4 breast cancer

How Shannon healed stage 4 breast cancer with alternative therapies

Click “Show More” to see the Show Notes -Her first breast cancer diagnosis [1:07] -The treatment suggested by her doctors [3:08] -How complications from surgery turned out to be a blessing [3:20] -How multiple surgeries inhibited the healing process [5:05] -Therapies she chose instead of chemo [7:30] -The connection between Vitamin D deficiency and cancer [8:37] -How her cancer recurrence was misdiagnosed [9:00] -How tumor markers can be unreliable [11:04] -The importance of studying your medical records [11:53] -Her second diagnosis (stage 4) [13:18] -The damaging effects caused by radiation [15:41] -Therapies she chose to heal stage 4 [20:09] -How long it took her to get well [24:21] -Her oncologist’s response to her clean pet scan [24:45] -Traumatic events that made her vulnerable to cancer [27:37] -The importance of forgiveness [32:54] -Her current projects: Angels For Shannon & Diagnosed TV [34:10] -How she ended up in my living room [40:20] -How survival statistics are skewed and misleading [42:50] -The most powerful question a cancer patient can ask [44:30]SHOW LESS


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