Eat Steak and Eggs to Boost Testosterone

Introduction: Testosterone  0:10 Does age affect testosterone? 0:40 How to increase testosterone  5:05 What causes low testosterone? Today we’re going to talk about testosterone. I want to cover different things that will boost testosterone or destroy testosterone.  New research shows age may not be a significant factor in a decrease in testosterone. If you understand what can enhance or destroy testosterone, then you can actually be more in control of your testosterone.  Keep in mind that it’s more important to focus on trying to avoid things that destroy testosterone and then do what you can to enhance testosterone.  Things that enhance testosterone: 1. Steak and eggs (for lunch)  2. Exercise  3. Zinc  4. Asparagus  5. Dopamine  6. Truffles  7. Saffron  Things that destroy testosterone: • Sugar and refined carbs (insulin resistance)  • Statins  • Alcohol  • Stress (cortisol)  • Poor sleep • MSG  • Soy  • Microwave popcorn (PFAS) • Being fat  • Aspartame  • Plastic water bottles (BPA) 


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