Avoid Folic Acid and Take Folate (B9)

Avoid Folic Acid and Take Folate (as methyl folate)

In this video, I’m going to talk about B9. There are a couple of different versions, one is folic acid, and the other is folate.

Folate vs folic acid: Folic acid — This is the synthetic version which I don’t recommend. Folate — This is the natural version from folate-rich foods like vegetables or organ meats.

If you’ve been wondering which is better, folate or folic acid, the better choice is folate. Vitamin B9 is very important in many chemical reactions in the body, especially: • Turning genes on and off • DNA repair

This is a very common deficiency, and if you have a B9 deficiency, you could have a lot of body issues.

Not having the active form of B9, which is methylfolate, work in the body can lead to health issues like:

• High homocysteine • Increased risk of cancer • Heart disease • Infertility • Migraines • Depression • Inability to detoxify • Problems with neurotransmitters

You have one problem of not getting enough of the natural vitamin B9 nutrient, but you may also be getting too much of the synthetic version. If you’re taking or being exposed to this synthetic version, you’re going to have a lot of additional problems.

How might you be consuming folic acid without knowing?

• Grains are fortified with folic acid • From synthetic vitamins

If you are deficient in B9, you can try taking:

• L-methylfolate • B12 (take the methyl version which is cobalamin)


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