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Arthritis, Joint Pain from SUGAR & Junk Food: Harvard Doctor Tells All

Intro 2:00 CrossFit trains all three energy pathways: glycolytic, anaerobic, and aerobic. 8:00 Metabolic health impacts recovery, injury propensity, pain levels and physical function. 12:15 Osteoarthritis is from inflammation and fragility of cartilage within the joint. 14:00 Trigger finger is often a first sign of metabolic disease. 14:54 Bone and bone density are impacted inflammation. 17:00 Non-painful things become painful with increased glycation. 17:30 The burden of age-related changes is dependent upon your metabolic state. 23:00 20-minute bouts of more intense exercise are easier to fit in and you get the same metabolic benefits in a shorter time. 23:40 Functional movement training increases strength and supports life functions. 24:30 Heavy resistance training induces the benefits of bone density and muscle integrity. 24:45 Osteosarcopenic obesity: as you gain weight, you lose muscle mass and bone. 26:00 Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the US. 27:25 Cortisone is a potent anti-inflammatory that brings short-term pain relief. 29:00 Hormones affect joint pain. 31:00 PRP can be beneficial in the right patient with mild arthritis. 34:10 Athletes have more muscle mass around the joints. 36:00 Low carb diets produce less leptin signaling which reduces pain and inflammation signaling. 39:50 Traditional medicine protein recommendations are just enough to keep you alive. 41:25 Chronic vegan/vegetarian dieting can cause collagen and bone breakdown. 50:30 Eccentric loading of the Achilles tendon can help build capacity and be more effective than chronic stretching. 55:25 There can be some risk to doing isolated heavy bicep work. 58:36 Shoulder 01:00:10 Hanging is important for grip strength and being able to manage your own body load. 01:01:10 Deadlift/hip hinge 01:02:30 Have a physical biomarker. 01:06:30 Coca Cola/Gatorade has invested heavily in healthcare, exercise science. exercise guidelines. the American Cancer Society and American College of Cardiology.


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