7 Steps to Starting the KETO DIET

7 Steps to Starting the KETO DIET (Easy & HEALTHY)

The ketogenic way of eating is the easiest, most sustainable diet I’ve ever recommended as a family doctor. You can use it to revers obesity, inflammation and other symptoms of chronic disease. It is easy to start, and easy to maintain.

You can get started by following these simple steps. Many feel better after only the first 3 steps. You will easily implement these 7 steps as you begin your health journey. Start with step 1 and work your way as quickly, or as slowly as you like towards step 7.

Your body and mind are built by what your eat. Feed your body the foods of strength, and your mind the foods of wisdom. Your ancestors knew of these foods, and you will rediscover them yourself. Don’t hesitate, let’s Keto.


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