6 Huge Benefits of Copper

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Today we’re going to talk about the amazing benefits of copper. If you have too much zinc, you can deplete your copper reserve. Zinc and copper work together. Anytime you take one of these minerals, you need to take the other one as well. What you really may want to do is take them in a blend of all the trace minerals because you never know what else you might throw out of balance. 

6 amazing copper health benefits:

1. Copper has powerful effects on brain function 2. Copper is involved in making neurotransmitters 3. Copper is involved in the anti-inflammatory process 4. Copper helps support the immune system  5. Copper is important for collagen – elastin 6. Copper supports melanin 

Foods high in copper: • Oysters (other types of shellfish) • Beef liver (organ meets) • Mushrooms (shiitake mushrooms) • Chocolate (no-sugar chocolate) • Almonds • Pecans • Greens

Copper deficiency symptoms:

• Anemia • Grey hair • Loss of bone • Low white blood cells • Decreased thyroid function • Loss of collagen • Hair loss 0123

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