3 Causes Of Dizziness or Vertigo Explained

3 Causes Of Dizziness or Vertigo Explained By Dr.Berg

. . You can fix these three main causes of dizziness!


0:00 Dizziness has three main causes (plus: how to fix them!)

1:40 There are solutions for everything!

Although there are many different causes of dizziness, I’m going to talk about the three main ones in this video.

First: low blood sugar. When your blood sugar drops too low, you can get dizzy. If so, add more fat to your meal. You’ll be able to go longer without crashing your blood sugar. Or, you can slow down your intermittent fasting. Start with three meals, no snacks, and gradually go to two. This is temporary when you start keto.

Second: low blood pressure. This can happen from your body shedding water as you start keto. You won’t have your usual volume of fluid to maintain blood pressure. You need more sea salt. 

Third: low adrenals. Your adrenals help your body adapt to positional stress. If you get up too fast, or climb stairs, you can get dizzy because your adrenals aren’t strong enough to push the blood pressure up to your brain. I put a link below for suggestions to help strengthen your adrenal glands.

Now you know how to fix the three main causes of dizziness!


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